Newseum Marks Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Tiananmen Square protests

A protester halts army tanks near Tiananmen Square. (Jeff Widener/Courtesy The Associated Press.)

June 4 marks the 25th anniversary of the violent end of the Tiananmen Square protests in China. At the Newseum, two programs and a new podcast explore the pro-democracy demonstrations and the military intervention that ended in a massacre. A new section in the Time Warner World News Gallery also examines the protests and response through historic artifacts and powerful images, including a photo of the iconic moment a lone man stood down a column of tanks the day after the military crackdown.

Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw is the special guest for Inside Media Saturday, June 7. Shaw was in Beijing broadcasting the protests live until the Chinese government pulled the plug on CNN’s satellite access. Sunday, June 8, the Newseum presents a screening of the documentary “Assignment China: Tiananmen Square,” which tells behind-the-scenes stories of reporters who covered the protests and features interviews with leading American journalists who were there. Both programs are included with paid Newseum admission or membership.

A new edition of the Newseum Podcast features a conversation with former journalist and Newseum trustee Bette Bao Lord, who was born in Shanghai and was in China to cover the protests. “Throughout that seven weeks, when the protests were peaceful, [people] were united by the idea of hope for a better future,” she recounts in the podcast. When the protests turned violent, she says, “it was a terrible surprise.” Download the episode now.


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