On the Scene with The Washington Post

Newseum On the Scene

Newseum On the Scene guests enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of The Washington Post printing plant in Springfield, Va. (Newseum)

On Thursday, June 11, the Newseum hosted the next in a series of “On the Scene” events for members of the Friends of the First Amendment Society at the Supporter Level and above. “On the Scene” explores issues related to media and the First Amendment outside the walls of the Newseum. For this session of “On the Scene,” participants first enjoyed a breakfast program in the Charles L. Overby Boardroom at the Newseum, then were treated to an up-close look at The Washington Post printing plant in Springfield, Va.

The morning program explored the history of The Washington Post and the future of print media with Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Eugene Robinson and Karen DeYoung moderated by Shelby Coffey III, Newseum vice chair and former editor of The Los Angeles Times. The group then traveled to the plant in Springfield, which contains four of the largest offset printing presses in the world. The presses are 150 feet long, five stories tall and weigh 750 tons each. The Springfield plant runs about 650,000 papers daily, and uses enough paper in one week to wrap around the Earth!

“It was an amazing experience!” said Friends Society members Alan Perkins and Barbara Bonessa. “We started the day with three noted journalists who are as entertaining as they are knowledgeable, followed by an informative and fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the ‘print engine’ that powers one of the world’s great newspapers.”

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