Profile of The Source Chef Scott Drewno featured in Washington City Paper

Wolfgang Puck and Scott Drewno at The Source in 2015. (Maria Bryk/Newseum)

Wolfgang Puck and Scott Drewno at The Source. (Maria Bryk/Newseum)

Washington City Paper recently featured a profile of Scott Drewno, executive chef of The Source by Wolfgang Puck. The Source has also been recognized with two 2016 RAMMY Awards (Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington). Chef Scott Drewno was named Chef of the Year, for his second time, and Jorge Martinez was named Employee of the Year.

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Scott Drewno’s Friday ritual begins with a shopping cart at Great Wall Supermarket in Falls Church.

“I’m actually on the hunt for water lettuce today,” the executive chef of The Source says as he navigates the produce aisle of the Chinese grocery in a crisp blue button-up, custom-made to fit his towering six-foot-five frame, aviators perched atop his buzz-cut head.

Most of the ingredients he seeks during weekly visits to Great Wall are used for “beta” dishes he’s testing out before he approaches his distributor for larger orders. In the case of water lettuce—a stalky vegetable also known as celtuce—Drewno wants to put it on the menu, but his distributor doesn’t even know what it is. “It’s a similar texture to celery, a little bit milder flavor,” he explains.



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