#MyVote Campaign and Election Day Programming at the Newseum

CNN’s #MyVote

CNN launched the nationwide #MyVote tour at the Newseum on Sept. 19, 2016. (Maria Bryk/Newseum)

This Election Day, Nov. 8, the Newseum in partnership with CNN will again host the CNN #MyVote camper and a one-of-a-kind immersive virtual projection on the front of the building.

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Nov. 8, the public is invited to visit the #MyVote camper, which will be positioned in front of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, and take photos with either a red, blue or purple background color. They can then share that photo on Instagram using the #MyVote hashtag.

Images from the camper, which has been on a nationwide tour of key swing states and presidential debate locations since September, will be projected onto the front of the Newseum and featured in CNN election night coverage.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Newseum will broadcast CNN coverage of the election on its 40-foot-by-22-foot HD screen in the New York Times Great Hall for museum visitors.

Since May, the Newseum has partnered with CNN Politics on an interactive exhibit that connects visitors to the 2016 presidential campaign in real time. Called “CNN Politics Campaign 2016: Like, Share, Elect,” the exhibit allows visitors to explore the ways digital and social media have transformed how candidates campaign, how journalists cover elections and how the public participates in the process.



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