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Internship applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Center Manager

Job Type: Full time

Location: Washington, DC


The Religious Freedom Center, a dynamic and growing department within the Newseum Institute, is seeking a full-time manager to oversee the operations of the center.

The manager’s duties fall into four areas: administration, finance, communications, and meeting coordination. As the center’s primary administrator, the manager will oversee the office management such as the center’s calendars, human resources, and the center’s task-management system. As the center’s primary financial manager, the professional will work closely with the executive director and the events coordinator to managing the billing, receiving and budgeting of the center’s accounts. The manger will work closely with a team of directors to produce a variety of reports and media such as strategic plans, grant proposals, curricula, and videos. As the hospitality coordinator for the center, the manger will also coordinate various meetings, open houses, and dialogue sessions by arranging events with national experts and working with the events and marketing teams to publicize the events.

The manager will work full-time at the Religious Freedom Center, which is housed at the Newseum from Monday to Friday, any 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

The Religious Freedom Center is a nonpartisan national initiative focused on educating the American public about the religious liberty principles of the First Amendment. Reorganized in 2010 to expand on religious liberty initiatives begun by the First Amendment Center in 1994, the Religious Freedom Center has sponsored numerous public programs at the Newseum, developed partnerships with national and international organizations, and brought together a broad range of religious and civil liberties groups. The Religious Freedom Center carries out its mission by educating thought leaders, promoting civil dialogue, engaging the public, transforming schools, and publishing religious liberty scholarship. Please visit to learn more about the center’s mission, guiding framework, campus, partners, religious liberty courses, dialogue programs, and publications.


All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.

Required Specialties:

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in all four of the following specialties: administration, finance, communications, and hospitality.

Required Professional Skills:

  • All applicants must demonstrate exceptional verbal, written, and copyediting skills in American English.
  • All applicants must possess strong intellectual capacities and be comfortable with communicating with faculty about graduate-level educational experiences in the areas of education, law, religion, and journalism.
  • All applicants must demonstrate superior interpersonal skills that will allow them to manage extensive interaction with a wide range of individuals and groups. Therefore, all applicants must demonstrate excellent communication skills, self-awareness, cognitive and emotional empathy, and the ability to interact with people who have a variety of legal, ideological, and religious and nonreligious perspectives.
  • Essential qualities include kindness, patience, flexibility, clear communication, a high degree of organization, an eye for detail, and a drama-free approach to problem solving.

Application Deadline

April 15, 2017

Application Process

There are three steps to this application process.

Step 1. Please email a cover letter, resume or CV, and reference list to Please combine these documents into one single document (either in MSWord or a PDF), and name your file LastName_FirstName. Your cover letter should emphasize your expertise in the four specialty areas listed above and your career goals. Applicants should use their resume to detail relevant educational and professional experiences. Please also include at least three references.

Step 2. As soon as possible after electronically submitting your application, please complete the online survey that will serve as your first interview.

Step 3. During the in-person interview, final applicants will be asked to present a portfolio of work that demonstrates proficiency in all of these areas: administration, finance, communications, and meeting coordination.

If you have questions about the application process or the Religious Freedom Center, please contact the executive director, Reverend Nathan C. Walker at or (202) 292-6447.

The Newseum and Newseum Institute are Equal Opportunity Employers.