Note: We are heavily recruiting weekday volunteers.

Love people and the news?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Newseum! We are currently recruiting for volunteer guides to provide three types of tours to our visitors. Guides are enthusiastic life-learners who engage our visitors about the museum’s content and its mission to champion the First Amendment. They are trained to conduct the following tours:

  • Three-Point Tours are 5- to 15-minute tours in a single gallery that link together three artifacts, objects or images sharing a common theme.
  • Guided Highlights Tours are 60-minute building tours designed to provide visitors with navigation information as well as a brief overview of the exhibits.
  • Private Tours are 90-minute building tours that include behind-the-scenes stops.

These tours are structured to allow guides the flexibility to design informative tours around their particular interests while still meeting the needs/interests of their audiences.

Volunteers must complete an intensive training program which includes 40 hours of class time in addition to assignments to be completed at home (approximately an additional 30 hours). While demanding, the training process – with its focus on content and presentation skills – is essential to the success of our guides.

Newseum volunteers enjoy these benefits:

  • Continuing education on exhibits and content
  • Interaction with people from around the world
  • Being “in the know” at one of the city’s most popular museums
  • Meeting motivated people who share common interests
  • Receiving discounts in the Food Section, Newseum store and The Source by Wolfgang Puck
  • Free annual allocation of tickets
  • Invitations/discounts for special events
  • Invitation to Volunteer and Operations Departments events
  • If you itemize deductions on your taxes, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for transportation costs — including Metro, VRE, Marc and parking/gas expenses