My Aha Moments at ANEW15 Teacher Institute

Lisa Mayo, a teacher from Pennsylvania, recounts her participation in the Newseum Summer Teacher Institute and the ideas she’ll take back to the classroom.
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Energy, Ideas Abundant at Teacher Institutes

Creativity and collaborative learning prevailed at our two summer institutes, sponsored by Annenberg Learner, as teachers explored blending learning and media literacy.
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Guest Blog: Using Newspapers in the Classroom

Andy Cunningham, a middle school teacher in State College, Pa., shares his lesson plan on using newspapers to learn about the world and community.
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Winner of Survey Drawing

We Have a Winner

Sarah Harris from Washington, D.C., is the winner of a drawing among educators who completed a survey after visiting the Newseum.
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Wanted: Students to Advise NewseumED

We are seeking opinionated, engaging and informed middle and high school students to join our Newseum Student Advisory Team for the 2015-2016 school year.
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Participate Virtually in “Primarily Digital” Teacher Institutes

Summer Teacher Institute

You’re invited to participate virtually in two teacher institutes on media literacy being held in July at the Newseum.
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Living History with Mary Beth Tinker

Mary Beth Tinker joined Newseum Education staff in co-teaching a class on the First Amendment to students visiting from Oakton High School in Oakton, Va.
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Case Study: True Threat or Venting?


The Elonis v. United States case is ripe for discussion by students over what forms of expression are or are not guaranteed in the Constitution — and the blurry line in-between.
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Watergate Case Study: ‘Deep Throat’ and Anonymous Sources

Nixon Resigns

Ten years ago, Mark Felt broke his silence and ended the decades-long mystery of who was “Deep Throat,” the anonymous source who helped two reporters bring down a presidency with their investigative reporting.
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250 Students, a Judge and a Newseum Outing

Patapsco Middle School students converge on the Newseum and get a unique opportunity to chat with a federal judge about the First Amendment. Their teacher reports on the field trip.
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