The 2017 Pulitzer Prize–Winning Editorial Cartoons of Jim Morin

On display through May 13, 2018 | Level 3

“You can disagree with something I do, or you can agree with something I do. If it inspires you to start talking about it or to start caring about it, then I’ve done my job.” — Editorial cartoonist Jim Morin

Miami Herald editorial cartoonist Jim Morin has satirized presidents from Richard M. Nixon to Donald J. Trump. In 2017, Morin won his second Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning for his take on campaign 2016, and other issues of the year, including race, gun violence and fake news. Morin first won the award in 1996. His cartoons were also part of the Herald’s 1983 Pulitzer Prize win for editorial writing.

Morin began drawing cartoons at age 7, inspired by Saturday morning television. Fueled by the turmoil of the Watergate era, Morin published his first political cartoons in college. He joined the Miami Herald in 1978.

Morin draws 250 cartoons a year. “The only thing I’m after is to find out something that’s wrong, some injustice and put it out there, stir up the pot and inspire debate.”

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