“March: Book Two” featured in Newseum Civil Rights Exhibit

Civil Rights Superhero: An Evening with John Lewis

Rep. John Lewis’s graphic novel-style memoir recounts his experiences in the civil rights movement, including the historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., in 1965.
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Collecting, Preserving Memorable Newspapers

Charlie Hebdo

Newseum print news archivist Kathryn Wilmot explains how and why the Newseum acquired copies of Charlie Hebdo and offers tips to new collectors on how to preserve the memento for years to come.
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The End of the Poll Tax


On this day in 1964, the 24th Amendment was passed after it was ratified by South Dakota. While the 15th Amendment protects the rights of all male citizens to vote, many Southern states found ways to make it difficult for poor African-Americans to cast a ballot, including charging a tax to vote and literacy tests. The Supreme Court decided that literacy tests were in fact constitutional in 1898 with Williams v. Mississippi.
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Civil Rights on TV

1965: Civil Rights at 50

Fifty years ago, the civil rights movement in all its glory and brutality was brought to American living rooms through television.
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Newseum Podcast presents Pulitzer Photos series

Damon Winter

Hosts Frank and Sonya take listeners behind the scenes of some of the most iconic photographs in recent history to explore the stories behind the images.
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Happy Religious Freedom Day!


Two hundred and twenty-eight years ago, Virginia successfully enacted legal protections for religious minorities, establishing the precursor to the religion clauses of the First Amendment.
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‘1965: Civil Rights at 50’ Explores Selma March, Voting Rights Act

1965: Civil Rights at 50

The latest installment in this changing exhibit on news media and the civil rights movement is now open at the Newseum.
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Classroom-Ready Resources: Martin Luther King Jr. Day


If you are looking for new classroom resources for Martin Luther King Day, check out these online lessons from the Newseum.
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Charlie Hebdo on Today’s Front Pages

Today’s Front Pages

News editors around the world received an early peek Monday of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo, two days before the satirical newspaper officially hits newsstands Jan. 14.
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On the Road: Early Spring Conference Schedule


Meet members of the Newseum Education Team during our presentations at conferences this spring.
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