Use “War of the Worlds” to Teach Media Literacy

Orson Welles

This classroom activity features the classic 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, which will help your students focus on their role as media consumers – and perhaps even get them into the Halloween spirit!
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Win the ultimate Lincoln-filled trip to D.C.

Abraham Lincoln portrait

Enter for a chance to win three Lincoln-related experiences from Ford’s Theater, the Newseum and Willard InterContinental Hotel as part of next year’s commemoration of the president’s legacy at the 150th anniversary of his death.
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Press Freedom in the 21st Century

Free Speech Now!

A panelist at the upcoming Newseum Institute event argues for the importance of press freedom in an interview with Spiked magazine.
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Newseum Welcomes Jon Stewart for “Rosewater” Screening

Jon Stewart

Stewart will discuss the making of the film, the real-life story that inspired it and the continuing risks journalists face around the world.
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Meet the Boomer List: Eve Ensler

The Boomer List

Abused as a child, Eve Ensler used the power of her pen to educate millions about sexual violence.
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Newseum On the Scene Debuts in New York City

Newseum On the Scene

Members of the Newseum’s Friends of the First Amendment Society and Corporate Engagement Program traveled to Manhattan for the inaugural event of a new exploratory series.
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Ben Bradlee’s Press Pass

Ben Bradlee’s press pass

Presses passes — held in a hand or slung around the neck — give journalists front-row seats at the events that shape our times. The events end, but the press passes remain, like Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee’s press pass from 1972.
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Remembering Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee

Benjamin Bradlee, the Boston-bred, Harvard-educated reporter who spent 26 years managing The Washington Post, making the newspaper a household name, died Oct. 21, 2014. He was 93.
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News in the Time of Ebola

Michel duCille

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and Washington Post photojournalist Michel duCille spent September in Monrovia, Liberia, chronicling the effects of the Ebola virus on the country and its people.
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Deaf Film Camp Performance a Huge Hit at Newseum

Deaf Film Camp

Campers and staff recreated their viral hit video, an ASL version of “Happy,” for an enthusiastic crowd of Newseum visitors.
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