The Power Shift Summit Is Over But The Work Is Not

The Power Shift Summit

On Jan. 9, the Newseum hosted the Power Shift Summit, a high-level gathering of invited leaders across journalism and the media that focused on combating sexual misconduct in news organizations.
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New Exhibit “1968: Civil Rights at 50” to Open Friday

The exhibit tells the story of events that shaped the civil rights movement 50 years ago this year.
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On Jan. 9, 2018, the Newseum Will Host ‘The Power Shift Summit’

The Power Shift Summit

Leaders in the media industry will address challenges and identify solutions to sexual misconduct in the newsroom.
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Newseum Launches Media Literacy ‘Booster Pack’

Media Literacy Booster Pack

Developed in partnership with AAUW, this set of resources is designed to help students navigate today’s complex media landscape and steer clear of “junk news.”
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Newseum to Open Photo Exhibit Exploring the Tet Offensive

The Marines and Tet

The exhibit includes tactile images and audio interviews with Marines who fought in the bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War.
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Visit With Santa at the Newseum’s “Yes, Virginia” Day

‘Yes, Virginia’ Family Day

Meet the One-and-Only Santa Claus and listen to a reading of the beloved Christmas editorial “Yes, Virginia” on Dec. 2. Kids get free admission if they place a letter in the Macy’s Believe Box.
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We’re a big part of the fix for ‘junk news’

Individual consumers bear just as much responsibility as social media companies in the fight against junk news.
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Newseum and AAUW Partner on Media Literacy Education Initiatives

NewseumED and American Association of University Women

Free online resources developed by NewseumED and AAUW provide timely guidance on identifying and avoiding junk news.
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Newseum Celebrates Media Literacy Week

NewseumED-Facebook partnership

As revelations unfold daily about the destructive impact of fake news, the Newseum emerges as a leading provider of media literacy education.
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National Council for the Social Studies

The website helps students understand the historical underpinnings of today’s issues, sharpen their analytical skills, and make informed decisions in a diverse and demanding world.
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