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Power Shift Project

an initiative promoting workplace integrity on behalf of women in the news industry

Jill Geisler

Jill Geisler, Newseum Institute Fellow on Women’s Leadership Jill’s Bio

The Newseum Institute, the programs partner of the Newseum, is committed to promoting workplace integrity, defined as eliminating sexual harassment and creating opportunities for all. This is the goal of the Power Shift Project, an outgrowth of the Power Shift Summit that was held at the Newseum on Jan. 9, 2018. The project helps journalists and newsroom leaders implement the solutions identified at the summit, which are detailed in the Power Shift Report below.

Jill Geisler, the Bill Plante Chair in Leadership and Media Integrity at Loyola University Chicago, will help guide the Power Shift Project as the newly appointed Newseum Institute Fellow in Women’s Leadership.

Power Shift Report

The Newseum held the Power Shift Summit on Jan. 9 with participation from more than 130 newsroom leaders, editors, reporters, educators and advocates. The summit was convened to generate a solutions-based discussion about what newsrooms and media organizations are doing now to deal with emerging cases of sexual misconduct, and what systemic changes are needed for the future.

Results of the summit are summarized in this report, which identifies seven key Power Shift Principles, or lessons learned about workplace imbalances that are used to protect the powerful and intimidate and silence others, especially young women. The report also identifies critical steps to repair systemic failures that have allowed sexual misconduct and discrimination to thrive, along with tactics to create sustainable change.

“Issues of equality, diversity and inclusiveness have been part of the Newseum’s mission from the start. This initiative represents our deep commitment to the belief that equality in newsrooms leads to stronger media organizations and better journalism for all.”
— Jan Neuharth, Chair and CEO of the Freedom Forum
“Jill brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience about journalism, about managing newsrooms and about how we can always work to be ethical and lead with integrity.”
— Donald Heider, Loyola Dean

Upcoming Events

Power Shift Project: Power to the Interns

Mar. 2, 2018 at 1 p.m. EST
The Newseum’s Power Shift Project launches the first in a series of live interactive training sessions with a program focusing on the youngest and often most vulnerable in media.

Power Shift Summit

Jan. 9, 2018

A high-level gathering of invited leaders across journalism and the media industry gathered at the Newseum to discuss the pervasive problem of sexual misconduct in newsrooms and how to create meaningful and sustainable change.

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