“Pictures of the Year”

The following images are provided free of charge to the media to be used solely for the purpose of promoting the Newseum and its exhibits, events and programs. Images may not be cropped or altered. The credit line provided for each image must appear with the image. Use of these images for any other purpose requires additional permission by the copyright holders. Obtaining this permission is the sole responsibility of the user.

Esther Bubley

Esther Bubley, Freelance

United States, 1949 Winner
Photo credit: Esther Bubley/Freelance

Larry Downing

Larry Downing, Newsweek

United States, 1994 Winner
Photo credit: Larry Downing/Newsweek

Carol Guzy

Carol Guzy, The Washington Post

Haiti, 1995 Winner
Photo credit: Carol Guzy/The Washington Post

Marco Grob

Marco Grob, Time

United Kingdom, 2011 Winner
Photo credit: Marco Grob/Time

Jonathan Bachman

Jonathan Bachman, Reuters

United States, 2017 Winner
Photo credit: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters