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Journalists in Peril
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Photo Credit: -Photo courtesy Fran Castan


News Organization: LOOK

Died: 1966

Location: VIETNAM

War: VIETNAM WAR (1965-1975)

Killed May 21 by mortar fire while traveling with the First Cavalry in the central highlands of Vietnam. A senior editor, he received a 1964 Sigma Delta Chi award for the best magazine reporting from Vietnam. Colleague Pete Hamill called Castan "the kind of reporter who could never cover a war sitting in the briefing rooms of Saigon, clerking the gilded lies of the propaganda machine." In 1965, Castan wrote: "I have no wish to glorify an unspeakable business, and I won't end this report on a light note or with a war joke. There isn't anything funny about Vietnam." President Johnson noted that Castan "told the story -- from Cyprus, from Santo Domingo and, lastly, from Vietnam. He told the world of the hurt and the hope of mortal struggle." He was 31.