Remembering Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott, the upbeat, opinionated, trailblazing sportscaster who energized ESPN’s sports shows, died Jan. 4 after a seven-year, public battle with cancer. He was 49.
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Remembering Richard Hottelet

Richard C. Hottelet

Richard C. Hottelet, war correspondent, lecturer, and the last of the original “Murrow Boys,” died in his sleep Dec. 17 at his home in Wilton, Conn. He was 97.
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Remembering Michel du Cille

Michel du Cille

Michel du Cille, a photojournalist at The Washington Post who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize three times for his esteemed work, died Dec. 11 of an apparent heart attack while on assignment in Liberia. He was 58.
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Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi was ‘real voice, real person’ on NPR

Tom Magliozzi

If you notice your car’s headlights dimming soon for just a second, here’s why: The news is getting around that Tom Magliozzi, one of National Public Radio’s most popular personalities, died Nov. 3 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.
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Remembering Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee

Benjamin Bradlee, the Boston-bred, Harvard-educated reporter who spent 26 years managing The Washington Post, making the newspaper a household name, died Oct. 21, 2014. He was 93.
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