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Exhibit Artifacts

Christiane Amanpour artifacts
Artifacts from the CNN international correspondent include her much-traveled, decal-bedecked Toshiba laptop computer; an original script she used in a telecast from Tehran, Iran, in 1997; and a chunk of a cruise missile from the Persian Gulf War, signed by Amanpour and Peter Arnett. Credit: Artifacts courtesy David Rust, CNN (photo by Dave Scavone)

  World War II stretcher
Collier's reporter Martha Gellhorn stowed away on a hospital ship to get ashore at Normandy after the D-Day invasion in June 1944. Once there she helped transport the wounded using stretchers like this one.Credit: Courtesy U.S. Army Medical Department Museum, Fort Sam Houston, Texas (photo by Dave S

  Gulf War body armor
This body armor was worn by CNN correspondent Peter Arnett while covering the Persian Gulf War.Credit: Newseum collection/gift of Peter Arnett (photo by Dave Scavone)

Shrapnel-gouged helmet
This helmet was worn by correspondent Richard Tregaskis, who was covering Army troops in Italy in 1943 when a German shell fragment tore through his helmet, pierced his skull and nearly killed him.Credit: Courtesy U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Museum (photo by Ben Laurie)

  Richard Harding Davis artifacts
Turn-of-the-century correspondent Richard Harding Davis fought in the battles he covered, garnering him campaign medals and badges. Other artifacts include Davis' gold pocket watch; a photo of Davis, posing in the entryway to his luxurious tent in the Boer War in 1900; his leather cigar case with monogram; his camera, made by Western Camera Manufacturing Co., Chicago; and a book of eulogies on Davis, including a remembrance from Theodore Roosevelt. Credit: Artifacts courtesy Kristen Kehrig (photo by Dave Scavone)