Visitors Put Their Selfies on Display

#NFAselfie by Instagram user bymonatelier

#NFAselfie by Instagram user bymonatelier

Since the “One Nation With News for All” exhibit opened in May, more than 500 Newseum visitors have whipped out their smartphones, struck a pose and snapped their own photos in front of the exhibit’s “Put Your Selfie in the Story” interactive wall.

The wall, which features portraits of dozens of people photographed earlier this year on the streets of Washington who agreed to appear in the exhibit, has become a destination in the museum for visitors who want to leave their mark on an exhibit. Above the wall of portraits, a high-definition monitor displays a constantly refreshing feed of selfies from visitors who have tagged their images on Twitter and Instagram with #NFAselfie. The photos appear on the screen within a few minutes, and some creative visitors have even captured selfies with their selfies.

When you visit, be sure to check out the “News for All” exhibit on Level 6 and put your own selfie in the story!

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