Introducing the Newseum Teacher Open House Top 10 List!

Newseum Teacher Open House

Newseum Teacher Open House

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Newseum Teacher Open House.  As we prepare for the Oct. 4 event, we also took time to look back to see what our teachers enjoyed the most from their open house experiences.

From Wednesday, Sept. 24, to Friday, Oct. 3, we will share our Top 10 List of Best Teacher Open House Experiences!  Visit each day as we start with no. 10 and work our way to no. 1.

While we will not have David Letterman’s band playing as we go through our list, we hope it will provide a view of the Open House through the eyes of our teacher participants.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, and in the meantime, learn more about this year’s Open House here.

No. 10: Professional Networking

“I felt very welcomed; the educators’ lounge was a generous gesture. I had the chance to talk with other teachers and we shared ideas and impressions. Very worthwhile! Time well spent!” — Peter Dreher, German School

No. 9: Open House attendees get to enjoy the Newseum, not just for one day, but for two!
“I love this museum! Came back the next day and stayed ‘til closing.” – O.F. Makarah
All Newseum tickets are good for two consecutive days. Teacher Open House attendees will be able to come back on Sunday, October 5.

No. 8: Learn how to bring a school group to the Newseum!

“I’m so excited about the workshops that are offered for students. I think the kids will get a lot of good use out of them during their field trips later this year.” – Rachel Bowerman, teacher
D.C. metro area schools visit the Newseum free, thanks to a program co-sponsored by WTOP 103.5 FM and The Washington Post. Learn at one of the Open House’s field trip information sessions.

No. 7: Enjoy breakfast with a beautiful view of the Capitol!

“The refreshments in the teacher’s lounge were tasty and most appreciated.” – Monica Wills, Brightwood Education Campus

“Teachers were treated with respect beginning with breakfast. Presentation was awesome and service was exceptional. What a wonderful way to begin … with treats and a goody bag!! Thank you!” – Dr. P. Davis

No. 6: Enjoy tours of select Newseum galleries!

“I found the workshops and tours extremely helpful. Although I had come to get some ideas for teaching journalism, I discovered a lot more ideas for instruction of history (which I also teach). The Newseum guides and teachers were great and I enjoyed swapping ideas with other teachers.” – Judy Furnish, Convent Life School

No. 5: Free resources are distributed to Open House attendees!

“It was a fantastic day; in addition, the Newseum’s resources make it easier for us to develop our curricula.” – Marian Graham, Montgomery College

No. 4: It’s easy to connect the Newseum with classroom content!

“As a school librarian, I am already connecting Newseum resources with my colleagues’ lessons. Specifically, I am hoping to develop a collaborative unit linking the museum’s new Civil Rights exhibit and lessons with the ELA unit studying ‘Warriors Don’t Cry.’” – Emily Carmichael, Kelly Miller Middle School

“As an ESOL teacher, I need more interactive exhibits for my students such as the newsroom. That exhibit about being a journalist would be a great resource for my students’ language development because they can use several skills such as listening, speaking, and reading.” – Joy Burroughs, Barnaby Manor Elementary School

“Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we see it.  The great benefit of the [Newseum Resources at a Glance] session is that it gives a broad overview of the museum exhibits and high quality curriculum that is available through the Newseum.”  – Dolores Frazer, Annenberg Newseum Summer Teacher Institute participant – Visit her blog for insights on incorporating Newseum resources and media studies into the classroom.

No. 3: Enjoy exclusive class and curatorial sessions with the Newseum staff!

“Loved seeing the artifacts. Never knew how the First Amendment was used to bring about the change in civil rights.” – Jon Hampton, Belleview High School (#ANEW14 teacher)

“All of the classes were informative, interactive and lots of fun.” Benjamin Pryor, Prince George’s County high school teacher

“My favorite part of the day was definitely analyzing all of the historical newspaper headlines. It was an amazing experience to see pieces of history and to analyze the choices journalists made in reporting the civil rights movement.” – Katie Shanahan, Annenberg Newseum Summer Teacher Institute participant

“My favorite part of today was examining primary source newspapers; I am still in awe of the historical moments captured, reported, and saved.”  – Debbie Scott, Annenberg Newseum Summer Teacher Institute participant

Teachers who participated in this summer’s Annenberg Newseum Summer Teacher Institute also discuss Newseum classes and resources online.  Visit Jane Garver’s blog for her insights.

No. 2: The Teacher Open House not only meets, but exceeds, expectations!

“The entire day was just perfect.  The registration was easy, the freebies greatly appreciated, the food plentiful and delicious, the staff friendly and knowledgeable and left me wanting much more!” – Wendy Marone, Baltimore County Public Schools

No. 1: Newseum Open House makes you feel appreciated for being an educator!

“This was an excellent event which served the dual purpose of providing comprehensive information about the Newseum and making me feel that I am appreciated as an educator.” Alexis Nemer, special education teacher, Montgomery County, Md.

“It is the nicest thing that anyone in the general public does for me as an educator. I love that I can go to workshops and learn new ideas to take back to my students and it doesn’t cost me a dime! I usually pay for my own professional development. It is just nice to feel special for the day!” – Diane Madden, Conway Elementary School

“Thank you for making us feel welcome with food, the USB drive, the awesome shopping bag, and smiles all around. Teachers so rarely feel appreciated, let alone honored, so enjoyed the experience tremendously.” – Deena Barlev, James Hubert Blake

“It was a great experience! Hope you have an open house for teachers again in the future!!!” – Serena Giron, teacher, at first Open House in 2010

Thanks to teachers like Serena, the Newseum Open House celebrates its fifth anniversary tomorrow!  We look forward to a successful event and hope to see you there!

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