Charlie Hebdo on Today’s Front Pages

Today’s Front Pages

The front page of Charlie Hebdo’s Jan. 14 edition shows a tearful Prophet Muhammad with a sign “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) below the headline: “Tout Est Pardonné” (All is Forgiven).

News editors around the world received an early peek Monday of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo, two days before the satirical newspaper officially hits newsstands Jan. 14. On the cover, against a green background, is a caricature of a tearful Prophet Muhammad holding a “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) sign. The cover is headlined, “Tout Est Pardonné” (All is Forgiven). Cartoonist Renald “Luz” Luzier drew the caricature.

The Paris weekly, which normally has a circulation of 65,000, plans to print 3 million copies. This will be its first edition since 12 people, including editor-in-chief Stéphane Charbonnier and three other cartoonists, were killed in a terrorist attack in the newspaper’s offices Jan. 7.

“We will not give in,” said Richard Malka, an attorney for Charlie Hebdo. “The spirit of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ means the right to blaspheme.”

A look at the 930 front pages posted online Jan. 13 in the Newseum’s daily “Today’s Front Pages” feature showed that Charlie Hebdo’s newest cover appeared on 23 front pages.  The New York Post was the only U.S. newspaper to publish it on Page One. “Mag’s 1st edition since massacre,” the paper declared. The Washington Post posted the cartoon in its “Comic Riffs” blog Monday night and on the front page of the Style section in the Jan. 13 print edition.

Twelve of the 58 Brazilian newspapers, most of them Metro publications, published the cover. “Tears of Muhammad,” said Metro Grande Vitoria, of Vitoria, Brazil. The cover was also printed on front pages in Argentina, Guatemala, Israel, Mexico and Uruguay.

The killings at Charlie Hebdo have sparked international vigils and silent marches involving millions of people and world leaders. Front pages covering the ongoing story are archived on the Newseum’s website.

A copy of the Charlie Hebdo cover will be included among the Jan. 14 front pages display on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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