Reporting Vietnam: Bob Schieffer

Bob Schieffer

Bob Schieffer (Newseum Collection)

Reporter, Fort Worth Star-telegram

Some newspapers and TV stations sent reporters to Vietnam to cover the “local” angle. In 1965, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram sent 28-year-old Bob Schieffer — who later became a CBS News correspondent — to write about hometown heroes in Vietnam.

“I have yet to match the thrill I got when I would turn up in some out-of-the-way place in Vietnam and tell a 19-year-old kid, ‘I’m from the Star-Telegram, and your mom wrote me a letter and asked me to look in on you.’”

Schieffer will share memories of his experiences in Vietnam at a special invitation-only program May 21 at the Newseum. His time covering the war is featured in “Reporting Vietnam,” a new exhibit that marks the 50th anniversary of the start of America’s first televised war and explores the dramatic stories of how journalists brought news about the war to a divided nation.

CBS News

Contributing support for the “Reporting Vietnam” exhibit is provided by CBS Corporation, in memory of CBS News correspondent Bob Simon.

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