Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages exhibit goes dark


Today’s Front Pages might look different to you this morning. For this first time in our history on Pennsylvania Avenue, no newspapers are displayed in our exhibit inside and outside the Newseum or online. Instead, we’re displaying blacked-out front pages as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the increasing threats to journalists around the world.

The #WithoutNews awareness campaign takes place as we rededicate our Journalists Memorial, which recognizes journalists who died or were killed in the pursuit of news. At a 10 a.m. ceremony, which is open to Newseum visitors and will be live streamed online, the names of 14 journalists selected to represent all journalists who died covering the news in 2014 will be added to the 2,257 names on the memorial.

We invite you to share why news is important to you on social media using #WithoutNews, and to encourage others to consider a world without news.

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4 thoughts on “Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages exhibit goes dark

  1. New is important to me, but not the bias imbedded within the front pages. More importantly, the curation which omits stories of significance and replaces them with “People Magazine-like” sleaze has sent me to blogs to get my information. I’ve stopped receiving a local paper and the sun still comes up every morning.

  2. Wow! Makes one think about the loss of newspapers and the journalists who work so hard to bring us the news from all over the world. I admire investigative reporting that is many times missing from TV coverage. Looking foreward to my “front pages” tomorrow.

  3. I saw your full page ad in the NY Times on pg. A7 and went to this site. When I turned to pg. A12, I read the story of the shooting death of reporter, Charnice Milton, of the Capital Community News, a monthly in Washington, DC. The murder of journalists doesn’t just happen overseas, nor always in explicitly on the job situations. News is also not always the big stories, but the ones closer to our communities. I trust you’ll be adding her to the list of journalists killed in 2015, and I wish that keeping such a list wasn’t necessary because it was rare or non-existent.

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