Reporting Vietnam: Malcolm Browne

Malcolm Browne

Malcolm Browne (Courtesy Malcolm Browne)

Reporter, Associated Press

The Associated Press’s Saigon bureau chief from 1961 to 1965, Malcolm Browne was one of the first reporters to raise doubts about U.S. involvement in Vietnam. He shared the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting with David Halberstam in 1964.

“In Vietnam it was said there were two kinds of observers: those who heard about the war from others and those with muddy boots. I preferred the latter category.”

Browne’s time covering the war is featured in “Reporting Vietnam,” a new exhibit that marks the 50th anniversary of the start of America’s first televised war and explores the dramatic stories of how journalists brought news about the war to a divided nation.

CBS News

Contributing support for the “Reporting Vietnam” exhibit is provided by CBS Corporation, in memory of CBS News correspondent Bob Simon.

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