Set of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ To Be Donated to the Newseum

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart at his desk on the set of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” (Courtesy “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”)

Update: Seriously Funny: From the Desk of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ will open June 21, 2019.

The Newseum will acquire the set of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” following Stewart’s final appearance as host of the late-night television program on Thursday, Aug. 6. The donation, which will become part of the Newseum’s collection for future display, comes as Stewart signs off after 16 years hosting the popular show, which often blurred the lines between news, satire and comedy.

Stewart began hosting the show in 1999 and quickly generated a loyal following among a new generation of news consumers who identified with his sharp-witted humor. Quick to poke fun at politicians, newsmakers and authors, Stewart also made the news media a frequent target of his barbs.

Last November, Jon Stewart appeared at the Newseum for a screening and panel discussion about the film “Rosewater,” which Stewart wrote and directed. (Watch the backstage video.)

Stewart has been called the Walter Cronkite of the millennial generation, and his show became a primary source of news for many young Americans.

“We are thrilled to accept the donation of these artifacts to the Newseum collection,” said Cathy Trost, senior vice president of exhibits and programs at the Newseum. “They are part of America’s cultural and media history, telling an important story about how political satire and news as humor made ‘The Daily Show’ a trusted news source for a generation.”

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12 thoughts on “Set of ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ To Be Donated to the Newseum

  1. That’s great news. I can’t wait to see it next time I am in Washington. As much as Stewart protested that he was just a comedian, he did have an impact beyond being funny. He will be missed.

  2. Cannot wait for this exhibit!
    Jon Stewart was more than just a comedian and “fake newsman”. He is the face of American satire. He took a small time cable show and transformed it into a force that makes Fox News cringe.
    Jon Stewart will be missed. #JonVoyage

  3. Well crap Jon – those of us who only watched other news to see what you’d pick to pounce upon are now going to just gather in a dusty corner somewhere and pout!!!

  4. I earned BS and MS degrees in journalism from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and I’ve been dismayed by the state of journalism in this country for several years. JS and other comedians have dome a better job than the conventional media, which has become little more than a talking points transcribing service. Given that his show and others like it have become the preferred source of news for many, particularly the young, I think it is entirely fitting for the Newseum to acquire and display the Daily Show set.

  5. The Newseum is a must visit in DC. Jon’s quick witted, humorous news filled a cavernous abyss created by our current “advertiser” directed media. We will miss you Jon! #JonVoyage

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