9/11 From the Front Page to the History Books

USAT 911 webThere is little doubt that 9/11 changed history. As the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks approaches, NewseumED offers educators some resources to guide classroom discussion of what happened that day, its aftermath and the continuing impact on domestic and global events.

  • Download our classroom-ready lesson plan: From the Front Page to the History Books: Understanding News as the First Draft of History. In this activity, students analyze the similarities and differences between news coverage and historical accounts of Sept. 11 to understand the role and importance of journalists’ first reports of breaking news and how the initial information available about a news event evolves over time to become part of the historical record.
  • Join our #sschat on Monday, Sept. 7, from 7-8 p.m. ET when we take a look at 9/11 in a broader context.
  • Check out our archived Front Pages of 114 publications for coverage of the tragedy.
  • View our “Running Toward Danger” video that features first-person accounts from journalists who covered 9/11. There’s a viewing guide you can download. Registration in NewseumED is required, but it’s free.


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