Newseum Launches All-New Online Educational Platform


The Newseum is proud to announce the launch of NewseumED, an interactive website that brings history, civics and media literacy to life. This new educational resource provides teachers and students free access to curated, standards-aligned content, leveraging the Newseum’s primary source collection, interactive tools, films, exhibits and lesson plans to make history relevant to today and shed new light on First Amendment issues.

The site launches with two EDCollections. Formerly called learning modules, the EDCollections “Making a Change” and “Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less” explore how civil rights advocates and suffragists embraced the First Amendment to make their voices heard and enact change. Two more will launch in March 2016: “Decision 2016” focuses on the upcoming presidential election, while “Freedom in the Balance” supports teaching and learning about 9/11 in the framework of balancing First Amendment freedoms with concerns for safety and the public good.

NewseumED includes more than 500 documents, 115 worksheets and 86 lesson plans that are easily searchable by type, topic and time-period. The educational content is framed by the freedoms and ideals preserved by the First Amendment. All resources support national standards of learning, including Common Core.

Each year, students comprise half of the Newseum’s visitorship, and NewseumED represents the museum’s commitment to reaching students and teachers beyond our four walls. The site is designed to meet the needs of elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, as well as college students and life-long learners, across the United States and around the world. For educators who are able to bring students to the Newseum, a wealth of on-site offerings are available, including free classes for visiting school groups, professional development workshops and adult team-building experiences.

Sign up for a free, secure account and gain complete access to the Newseum’s library of primary sources, artifacts and periodicals, including copyrighted materials.


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