Black History Month resources for educators


Looking for a unique way to bring Black History Month to your classroom? Sign up for NewseumED, a free online resource for educators and students, and get access to interactive learning tools, multimedia primary sources and artifacts from the Newseum’s collection on a variety of relevant topics.

NewseumED offers hundreds of resources connected to Black History and the fight for civil rights, including videos, ready-made lesson plans, and robust EDCollections such as “Making a Change: The First Amendment and the Civil Rights Movement,” which explores how the five freedoms of the First Amendment – religion, speech, press, assembly and petition – shaped the civil rights movement and its legacy.

Teachers can use the “Making a Change” EDCollection to get their students involved in their own community and take the First Amendment from theory to action by addressing a contemporary civil rights issue. Students also can hone their research skills through historical connections on the site, including historic newspaper front pages from the Newseum collection, and learn to think critically about news coverage during the civil rights movement and today.

One popular lesson in the EDCollection, designed for middle school grade levels, helps students formulate and investigate their own questions about the civil rights movement. “What Don’t You Know about Civil Rights?” moves students beyond a standard checklist of civil rights facts toward a deeper understanding of the factors that shaped the movement.

These lessons and resources, plus many more, are available to registered users of NewseumED. Registration is free, secure, and only takes a minute to complete. NewseumED is open to anyone interested in expanding their learning on these and other First Amendment topics.

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