Newseum introduces new app in connection with the updated Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery

Newseum App

Newseum App

The Newseum app is now available for download via the App Store and Google Play. The launch coincides with the reopening of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery, which underwent a month-long renovation for the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzer Prizes.

The app allows visitors to experience the Pulitzer Prize-winning content in new and interactive ways. At any time, those who download the app can navigate to the “Look” and “Listen” tabs to read the history of the Pulitzer Prizes, learn about Pulitzer milestones, view photos in the gallery and listen to gallery highlights narrated by Newseum Director of Photography Indira Williams Babic.

A highlight of the app is the “Explore” feature, which uses augmented reality to display additional content when photographs are scanned using a smartphone camera. As visitors make their way through the gallery, they can direct their smartphone cameras at select Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs, as indicated by signage in the gallery. The app then plays special videos in which the photographers share the stories behind their iconic images.

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Nikon is the exclusive sponsor of “The Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery”

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