Newseum Selects Best VR Videos From January

Virtual Reality Lab

Newseum’s Virtual Reality Lab (Michael Bateman/Newseum)

The VR videos currently featured in the Newseum’s Virtual Reality Lab transport users into worlds they wouldn’t otherwise have imagined — the headquarters of Allied code-breakers during World War II; a solitary confinement cell where prison inmates sometimes spend years; a dusty African village where inhabitants struggle daily to procure food. They also put visitors in the center of major global dilemmas where they can be viewed from several perspectives. For example, try considering the issue of overfishing from a policymaker’s point of view, or the fisherman’s, the consumer’s, or the fish itself.

The videos demonstrate the power of virtual reality to communicate complex issues, stir viewers’ empathy (or outrage) and spark change. They represent the best in virtual reality content; crowdsourced and then handpicked by Newseum staff.

Visitors can access the Top 10 VR Videos in the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery on the museum’s third floor. Other elements in the virtual reality exhibit include a historical timeline of milestones in VR technology and the Virtual Reality Theater. Visitors can explore this interactive exhibit to learn how virtual reality is changing the media landscape — both how stories are told and their impact on consumers.

Producers who wish to submit their work for consideration as a Newseum Top 10 VR Video of the Month can submit their work here.

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