Newseum features StubHub’s “Always” VR experience

Always - StubHub

StubHub’s video “Always” selected as a Top Ten VR video of month.

Life is about experiences. Whether it’s a place, a moment or an event, experiences are what inspire people and create memories. Of course, we can’t always venture to the far corners of the earth or make it to a concert that’s been sold out for months, and that’s where virtual reality comes into play.

StubHub’s VR video, “Always,” connects people to inspiring new experiences. “Always” tells the story of two friends and how their experiences at live events have shaped their friendship over the years. The filmmakers created a new type of camera to capture this story, sharing it in a new and compelling way that immerses viewers in the characters’ world.

“Always” and the other Top 10 VR Videos are located in the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery on the Newseum’s third level. In addition to experiencing the interactive VR videos, visitors can learn about milestones in the history of VR technology and how this new form of storytelling is evolving the media landscape.

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