Newseum Selects Best VR Videos From March

Under the Canopy: Experience the Amazon in Virtual Reality

“Under the Canopy,” a VR experience from Conservation International

Each month, the Newseum staff selects the best in virtual reality content from around the globe, and exhibits the videos in our Virtual Reality Lab.

This month, the top 10 videos transport visitors to vastly different regions and time periods. Learn about the Vikings in a video by National Geographic that depicts battle reenactments so authentic, participants are often hurt by fellow reenactors wielding clubs and swords. Next, hear from a witness of the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X at New York’s Audubon Ballroom. Or experience the Amazon rainforest through the eyes of a native community whose survival depends on the fragile ecosystem. Or, see 360-degree footage from the Associated Press of the irreparable destruction caused by the Islamic State to the Iraqi city of Nimrud, once a cradle of ancient civilization.

As journalists, nonprofits and other organizations continue to experiment with virtual reality, the Newseum documents use of the emerging technology and brings its best offerings to our visitors. See the complete list of the top 10 March videos, or learn more about our VR Lab.

Producers who wish to submit their work for consideration as a Newseum Top 10 VR Video of the Month can submit their work here.

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