Newseum Selects May’s Top 10 VR Videos

The VR experience, “360° Giant Sequoias on a Changing Planet”

Each month, the Newseum staff selects the best in virtual reality content from around the globe, and exhibits the videos in our Virtual Reality Lab.

Throughout May and into June, Newseum visitors can experience strange and often grim realities at the individual VR kiosks in the lab. Follow scientists as they climb up the trunks of giant sequoia trees to study the effects of climate change. Put yourself on the rowdy set of “Saturday Night Live” during the “Goodnights & Credits” scene. Get a surreal and extremely rare look inside North Korea’s annual “Day of the Sun” celebration, when tens of thousands of civilians and military members parade through Pyongyang’s central square. Or, in a six-minute animated video, experience life as a young Nicaraguan woman forced into prostitution by human traffickers.

These VR videos represent a breathtaking range of human experiences. As journalists, nonprofits and other organizations continue to experiment with this technology, the Newseum documents its use and brings its best offerings to our visitors. See the complete list of the top 10 May videos, or learn more about our VR Lab.

Producers who wish to submit their work for consideration as a Newseum Top 10 VR Video of the Month can submit their work here.

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