2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning Work Now Featured at Newseum

The Newseum’s Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery now features the 2017 prize-winning entries for breaking news and feature photography. Daniel Berehulak, a freelance photographer, won the breaking news photography award for his work that appeared in The New York Times depicting the victims of the Philippine government’s brutal crackdown on drug dealers and users. Wambsgans, a photographer for the Chicago Tribune, won the feature photography award for his portrayal of Tavon Tanner, a 10-year-old who survived a shooting in Chicago during one of the city’s deadliest years in terms of gun violence. Berehulak and Wambsgans will both be at the Newseum today at 2:30 p.m. to discuss their award-winning work.

With the 2017 additions, the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery features every winning entry since 1942, when the award was first presented. Updates to the gallery in 2016 made it possible for visitors to interact with some of the photographs and learn more about the stories behind them.

The Newseum has also unveiled an exhibit showcasing the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoons of Jim Morin. Morin, who has worked for the Miami Herald since 1978, has satirized presidents and political issues ranging from Watergate to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. He says he draws 250 cartoons a year, and that his goal is to uncover injustice and “put it out there, stir up the pot and inspire debate.”

Here, we’ve featured some of Jim Morin’s cartoons lampooning the 2016 presidential election and hot-button issues; as well as two of the winning photographs by Berehulak and Wambsgans that are featured in the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery.

Cartoon Gallery

Photo Gallery

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  1. That exhibit moved me when I visited several years back. Now, of course, I want to rush back to see the updated works.

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