Theater Updates at the Newseum

Today the Newseum announced updates to the schedule and locations of films shown in three theaters on the Hubbard Broadcasting Concourse level.

We welcome back the ever-popular I-Witness!, setting visitors on a journalistic trip through time. Additionally, guests can begin their visit by listening to Touring the Newseum, a comprehensive overview of the Newseum. Check out Hearst Orientation Theater 2 to see a rotation of original Newseum film productions.

The exclusive films offered are sure to captivate any audience, from school groups to families!

Our film offerings include:

Theater 1
  • I-Witness!
Theater 2
  • What’s News?
  • Holocaust: The Untold Story
  • TV Covers Vietnam
  • Women Journalists
  • JFK: TV Transfixes the Nation
  • The Pulitzer Prizes at 100
  • The Press and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Lincoln is Dead
Theater 3
  • Touring the Newseum

The Newseum offers additional films throughout its seven levels and 15 theaters.

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