Newseum Hosts Pulitzer Prize Winners at May 29 Gallery Talk

Last month, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced 2019’s Pulitzer Prize winners.

2019 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography
(Lorenzo Tugnoli, The Washington Post)

Honorees for feature and breaking news photography included staff at Reuters for “a vivid and startling visual narrative of the urgency, desperation and sadness of migrants as they journey to the U.S. from Central and South America,” as well as award winner Lorenzo Tugnoli, shooting for The Washington Post, “for brilliant photo story telling of the tragic famine in Yemen.”

Adrees Latif, part of the award-winning Reuters photojournalism team, has captured images captivating the public interest throughout his career, including his coverage of a street demonstration in Myanmar, which won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in breaking news photography.

In celebration of these renowned images, photojournalists Latif and Tugnoli will discuss and display their Pulitzer Prize­–winning work on Wednesday, May 29 at 2:30 p.m. in the Newseum’s Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. The Newseum recently updated the gallery to highlight the 2019 feature and breaking news photography prize winners.

2019 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography: Photography Staff of Reuters (Adrees Latif, Reuters)

“We are thrilled to host Lorenzo Tugnoli and Adrees Latif to speak about their Pulitzer Prize–winning photographs. Their images are a powerful reminder of the role that photojournalists play in providing new insight and understanding about world events,” explained Patty Rhule, vice president of exhibit development and content at the Newseum.

Tugnoli’s current work focuses on the conflict in Yemen, Libya as well as Lebanon. His photographs tell stories of tragedy, intertwining beauty with devastation.  In 2019, he became first prize award winner for the World Press Photo General News Story and received a nomination for the World Press Photo Story of the Year.

Likewise, Latif is an accomplished photojournalist, winning the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Award and POYi Photographer of the Year (Agency) award in 2011. The photojournalist is Editor-in-Charge, U.S. Pictures, at Reuters.


Nikon is the exclusive sponsor of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery.

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