The 2018 Pulitzer Prize–Winning Editorial Cartoons of Michael Sloan and Jake Halpern

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The heartbreaking yet hopeful saga of two families who fled civil war in Syria for a better life in the United States became “Welcome to the New World,” a graphic narrative that won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning by writer Jake Halpern and illustrator Michael Sloan.

The 20-part series appeared in The New York Times as the families’ stories unfolded. It marked the first Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning won by the Times.

 After spending four years as refugees in Jordan, the families arrived in the United States on Election Day 2016. Halpern and Sloan chronicled their story as they endured death threats, fears of being deported under President Donald J. Trump’s immigration policies and everyday adjustments to life and work in America.

The panels on display are the final chapter in the series, when the family discovers their home in Syria has been destroyed. “Welcome to the New World” will be expanded into a book.