“Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement”

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Museum of Pop Culture
Seattle, WA
June 20, 2020 – Jan. 8, 2021

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
Skokie, IL
Oct. 17, 2021 – April 24, 2022

Pink Palace Family of Museums
Memphis, TN
June 4, 2022 – August 28, 2022

“Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement” explores what happened at the Stonewall Inn and how it gave rise to a 50-year fight for civil rights for LGBTQ Americans.

Through powerful artifacts, images and historic print publications, the exhibit explores key moments of gay rights history, including the 1978 assassination of Harvey Milk, one of the country’s first openly gay elected officials; the AIDS crisis; U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s public coming out in 1987; the efforts for hate crime legislation; the implementation and later repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”; and the fight for marriage equality. “Rise Up” also looks at popular culture’s role influencing attitudes about the LGBTQ community through film, television and music, and explores how the gay rights movement harnessed the power of public protest and demonstration to change laws and shatter stereotypes.

Exhibit Details

  • Six pre-fabricated, ready to install exhibit gallery wall systems
  • 40 built-in artifact cases complete with lighting systems and microclimate chambers
  • 85 artifacts including:
    • Early issues of One, Mattachine Review and The Ladder magazines
    • Martina Navratilova’s tennis racket
    • Greg Louganis’s Gay Games medal
    • Picket sign used in a June 1965 protest at the Civil Service Commission in Washington, D.C.
    • Armband worn by Barbara Gittings during Philadelphia’s first Pride parade in 1972
    • Harvey Milk campaign poster from his successful 1977 run for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
    • Suit jacket and skirt worn by Tammy Baldwin for her first swearing-in to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1993
    • The gavel Nancy Pelosi used to announce the repeal of “don’t Ask, don’t Tell”
    • The first issue of The Gay Blade from Oct. 1, 1969
    • Original colors rainbow flag signed by Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag creator.
    • Edith Windsor Supreme Court case protest sign in favor of same-sex marriage rights
    • Jim Obergefell’s wedding rings, fused with late husband Jon Arthur’s ashes
    • Transgender rights organization‘s Transexual Menace jacket
  • Three self-contained video monitors with original Newseum-produced films:
    • “The Hollywood Effect” examines how movies and TV have helped change perceptions of the LGBTQ community.
    • “LGBTQ Voices” features lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans, as they reflect on their lives and the fight for equality.
    • “Into the Streets” explores how the LGBTQ rights movement harnessed the power of public protest to change policy and shift culture.
  • Three self-contained interactive touch-screen kiosks that allow visitors to explore current LGBTQ rights issues.

Photo Gallery


  • $65,000 for 12 week run
  • Exhibitors pay inbound shipping costs and insurance

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