Events & Programs

Will you continue to host programs in the temporary space?

Yes, please visit the Freedom Forum Institute events calendar for information about upcoming programs.

What will happen to the First Amendment tablet?

The First Amendment tablet belongs to the museum and will be removed from the building as part of our transition. We are actively searching for a location where it can
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What will happen to the Journalists Memorial?

The Journalists Memorial is a powerful symbol of our mission. As the Newseum transitions in 2020, the memorial will remain a priority project, even as we remove and store the
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What will happen to the Today’s Front Pages online exhibit?

The Today’s Front Pages online exhibit will continue after the Newseum closes Dec. 31.

How will you continue your mission and educate people on the importance of a free press?

We remain committed to continuing our mission – in a financially sustainable way – to increase public understanding of the importance of the free press and the First Amendment. We
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Are there any plans to open a new location?

We hope to find a suitable location that can serve as the Newseum’s next home but that process will take time. The Freedom Forum will move to temporary offices in
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What is happening with the exhibits and artifacts?

In 2020, we will de-install our exhibits and return artifact loans to lenders. We will also move pieces in our permanent collection to our archive facility outside Washington, D.C., until
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What will happen to the building?

We have an agreement to sell the building to Johns Hopkins University. The university plans to use it for its D.C.-based programs.

When and why is the museum closing?

Visitors loved us, but remaining in the current location proved to be financially unsustainable. It is challenging to operate a paid museum in a city full of free ones.