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What happened to the Top Ten front pages feature?

The Today’s Top 10 feature has been discontinued. More than 800 daily front pages from around the world will still be available at, on the Today’s Front Pages app
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How do I get permission to use front pages in the classroom, on a website or for other purposes?

The Newseum has a special agreement with newspaper companies that allows it to display their front pages every day. The Newseum does not own these front pages — each newspaper
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How can I read the articles on the front page?

You can read articles by opening a scalable PDF file or by clicking a link directly to the newspaper’s website. Here’s how to open the new window containing the PDF
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How can I access recent or older front pages?

The Today’s Front Pages exhibit does not include front pages from previous dates. We recommend that you contact the newspaper directly for information on obtaining back issues. NewseumED features a
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Can dailies that reduced their print editions to a few days a week still send in their front pages?

Yes. Though several newspapers have moved the bulk of their news coverage online, they can continue to be part of the online exhibit.

Is the exhibit exclusively for large metropolitan dailies?

Any general interest newspaper with the technological capability of transmitting their front pages can be a part of the online exhibit.

How can my local newspaper become a participant?

Ask your newspaper to send an email to [email protected] for specific instructions on how to participate in “Today’s Front Pages.”

Where is Central America on the newspaper map?

Central America is part of the map under North America. Please use the directional buttons to scroll down for Central America.

Why aren’t the international newspapers more representative of their regions?

We encourage new contributions from newspapers in underrepresented geographic areas. If you represent such a newspaper, write us at [email protected]

How do you decide which newspaper to feature each day?

All of the 800 or more front pages we receive are included in each day’s online exhibit and the Today’s Front Pages app. If you don’t see a particular newspaper
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