“Rise Up”

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One, “You Can’t Print It!”

One, “You Can’t Print It!”

In 1954, the U.S. Post Office refused to distribute this issue of ONE, an early gay magazine, citing obscenity laws. In 1958, the Supreme Court upheld the magazine’s First Amendment right to publish — a landmark victory for the movement.
Newseum collection

Harvey Milk Supervisor 5

“Harvey Milk Supervisor 5” campaign poster

Camera store owner Harvey Milk became California’s first openly gay elected official in 1977 when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
Newseum collection

Martina Navratilova Tennis racquet

Martina Navratilova tennis racquet

Tennis superstar Martina Navratilova publicly came out in 1981 as a lesbian, losing millions in endorsement deals.
Loan, Stonewall National Museum & Archives

Jim Obergefell and John Arthur ring

Jim Obergefell and John Arthur fused wedding rings

Obergefell became the face of the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal everywhere. He wed Arthur in Maryland in June 2013 because two men could not marry in their home state of Ohio.
Loan, Jim Obergefell

Don’t Postpone Joy protest sign

“Don’t Postpone Joy” protest sign

Sign used by protesters who supported the Supreme Court’s repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013.
Gift, Zoe Duncan-Doroff, Sam Duncan-Doroff and Theresa Christensen

Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag

Spurred on by gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk in 1978, Gilbert Baker, who called himself the “gay Betsy Ross,” created the rainbow flag, now an international symbol of gay pride.
Loan, Mark Segal, LGBT pioneer, Publisher Philadelphia Gay News