Collecting, Preserving Memorable Newspapers

Charlie Hebdo

Newseum print news archivist Kathryn Wilmot explains how and why the Newseum acquired copies of Charlie Hebdo and offers tips to new collectors on how to preserve the memento for years to come.
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Ferguson protest artifacts now on display

Ferguson artifacts

Newseum curators selected a variety of objects related to reporting on the protests and the demonstration of First Amendment rights.
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Newseum to display news coverage artifacts from Ferguson protests

Ferguson October

Reporters’ notebooks and protestor signs are among the items added to the Newseum collection.
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Original or Reproduction? How to Tell the Difference

Titanic sinks

When it comes to preserving a historic event, nothing takes the place of a newspaper. But how can you ensure that the newspaper you collected is an original and not a reproduction? How do you keep newspaper mementos from deteriorating? Our Newseum curators and experts offer a few important tips.
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Preserving Newspaper Mementos: Tips For Safe Storage

Preserving Newspaper Mementos

When historic events occur, readers instinctively want to preserve the memories. Newspapers rush to print extra editions to keep up with the demand. The challenge for new collectors is to guarantee a long shelf life for their mementos.
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