First Amendment

‘Freedom’ is best response to white supremacy hatemongers

Charlottesville protesters

Attempts to censor neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups is a betrayal of our nation’s core principles — not to mention ineffective and counterproductive.
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Newseum Exhibit Tells the Story of the Gay Rights Movement

Stonewall Inn

The exhibit will open March 2019, marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn raid, which sparked the ongoing struggle for gay rights.
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Students Have an “Alternate Understanding” of the First Amendment

Threats to Campus Free Speech

Newseum President and CEO Jeffrey Herbst argues that students increasingly believe in the “right to non-offensive speech.”
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When it comes to our freedoms, is a C+ grade good enough?

First Amendment Report Card

In a report card issued by the First Amendment Center of the Newseum Institute, the First Amendment gets a barely passing grade.
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Newseum Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Newseum Opening Day

The Newseum first opened its doors at its Arlington, Va., location on April 18, 1997.
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Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway Join Newseum for Special Program

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

The program, which will be live-streamed from the Newseum, will explore the Trump administration’s relationship with the press.
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Newseum to Host Special Program on the Trump Administration’s First 100 Days

Trump at news conference

The program will convene members of the press, government officials and First Amendment advocates to discuss First Amendment challenges in the early days of the current administration.
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Public panel spotlights challenges, opportunities for First Amendment rights in the new information era

“Free Speech in the Social Media Era”

The Newseum presented the panel, “Free Speech in the Social Media Era,” on Sept. 14 in Palo Alto, featuring leaders from Carnegie Mellon University, Facebook and YouTube.
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New report shows historically black university students’ views of free expression on campus

Historically Black College and University Students’ Views of Free Expression on Campus

This report is a follow-up to a survey released in April of 3,072 college students in the United States on their views of First Amendment rights.
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