CBS News Interviews Photographer Carol Guzy at Newseum

Carol Guzy

The morning segment showed Guzy’s Pulitzer Prize–winning photographs in the Newseum’s Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery.
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Newseum “Pulitzer Prizes at 100” Event Welcomes Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographers

Pulitzer Prizes at 100: The Photographers: Capturing History’s Iconic Moments

The photographers told the spellbinding stories behind some of the world’s most iconic images.
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Inside the Career of Celebrated Photojournalist Ted Polumbaum

Juxtapositions: Images from the Newseum Ted Polumbaum Photo Collection

On Sept. 10, the Newseum hosted an Inside Media event with Judy Polumbaum, daughter of photojournalist Ted Polumbaum, to discuss her new book “Juxtapositions: Images from the Newseum Ted Polumbaum Photo Collection.”
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A Prized Photo Fit for a King

Moneta Sleet Jr.

When the Newseum reopens the updated Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery on Sept. 16, one of the featured photographs will be one taken by Moneta Sleet Jr., the Ebony magazine veteran photographer who died 20 years ago on Sept. 30.
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Newseum to Host New Exhibit, ‘REFUGEE,’ Beginning Nov. 18


Groundbreaking photography exhibit by Annenberg Space for Photography illuminates global plight of the displaced.
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Video: Lens on the Olympics

Pulitzer Prizes at 100: The Photographers

Photographers Ken Geiger and William Snyder discuss their coverage of past Olympic games, including their dramatic Pulitzer Prize–winning photographs of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.
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NPR Photojournalist Killed in Afghanistan

David Gilkey

David Gilkey, an award-winning photographer who covered war and conflict all over the world, was killed alongside his Afghan translator while reporting near Marjah, Afghanistan, on June 5, 2016.
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The Birth of Life, 79 Years Ago

Life magazine

The magazine’s motto, “To see Life; to see the world,” described its mission to utilize stunning photography to deliver powerful reporting of world events.
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Reporting Vietnam: Napalm Girl

napalm girl

On June 8, 1972, AP photographer Nick Ut captured a horrifying moment that would become an iconic image of the Vietnam War.
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2015 Pulitzer Prizes Awarded

Joseph Pulitzer

The best in journalism was honored April 20, 2015, with the awarding of the Pulitzer Prize, journalism’s highest honor.
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