Classroom-Ready Resources: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

If you are looking for new classroom resources for Martin Luther King Day, check out these online lessons from the Newseum.
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NewseumED To Unveil Redesigned Website

The new NewseumED website has more content, interactive features and searchability — and is fast and easy to use.
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Plessy, Brown v. Board anniversaries

This week marks the anniversaries of two landmark Supreme Court cases dealing with segregation: Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education.
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The Baltimore riots: Newseum resources

As events in Baltimore continue to unfold, use Newseum resources to make connections in your classroom. Below is a list of relevant resources and lesson plans that relate to the events in Baltimore. Resources are divided into three categories: media literacy, historical connections and civics and citizenship.
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Resources: The Lincoln Assassination

theater box

To support the Newseum’s exhibit on The New York Herald’s coverage of President Lincoln’s assassination, the Education Department has created a companion activity you can use during your visit. The lesson plan focuses on the coverage of the assassination and the idea that newspapers are the first draft of history.
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The End of the Poll Tax

On this day in 1964, the 24th Amendment was passed after it was ratified by South Dakota. While the 15th Amendment protects the rights of all male citizens to vote, many Southern states found ways to make it difficult for poor African-Americans to cast a ballot, including charging a tax to vote and literacy tests. The Supreme Court decided that literacy tests were in fact constitutional in 1898 with Williams v. Mississippi.
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